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Sculpting You

DreamSilhouette™ integrates the latest technologies and therapies in Cryolipolysis (fat freezing), Ultrasonic Cavitation, Lipo Laser and Radio Frequency. While older systems used to be in separate machines, DreamSilhouette™ is a new generation "all-in-one" device, safer, quicker, and providing better results. DreamSilhouette™ saves you time and - lots of money. Compare the $3,500 average price tag for surgical liposuction, or the older generation Fat Freezing cost of about $2,500, with our proprietary "Fire & Ice" Cryo|LipLaser | UltrasonicCavitation | RF combo protocol at $950. For the same and even better results! And with no down-time and no side-effects! Our treatments and therapies, starting at $150, slim and contour the body by addressing problem areas that do not respond to diet and exercise.  DreamSilhouette's™ blended, powerful 4D Fire & Ice Body Contouring Protocol gets the best results. And it's not just a machine! Soft, strong hands will prepare the treatment area(s) of your body with a skilled, relaxing massage, and, after the Cryolipolysis therapy, with a Manual Lymphatic Drainage to help dissolve the then dead fat cells.

DreamSilhouette™ Fire & Ice

Cryolipolysis On You

Cryolipolysis - How It Works

Ultrasonic Cavitation On You

Ultrasonic Cavitation - How It Works

RF Radio Frequency On You

RF Radio Frequency - How It Works

Lipo Laser On You

Lipo Laser - How It Works

DreamVag™ On You

DreamVag™ - How It Works

FIR On You

FIR - How It Works


Body Sculpting By DreamSilhouette™

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